Principal idea in VIA is following: add locations (destinations, places, call them as you wish), see what is the shortest route between them (the geodesic on the surface of Earth) and check the distance of your path. You can save your favorite locations and routes and select them from some built-in lists to your map.

Add location

There are 6 ways to add new locations:

Remove location

There are 2 ways to remove locations:

Change the order of locations

There are 3 fundamentally different ways to change the order of locations:

Set location to favorites

In Map, select location click + in annotation and set to favorites. You cannot add location that already exists in favorites.

Set route to favorites

In Map tab, click Action and set route to favorites.

Scrutinize distances

In Distances tab, you find distances between locations and at the end the total distance (if you have more than two locations).